For this project we worked in a group aiming to come up with a product or system that encouraged more blood donors in New Zealand, as there is always a need for more. 
We decided to target the younger generation to get them in the door early to get them donating for life. Targeting the younger generation social media was the way to go, as well as a buddies system to make the process less intimidating and lessen the chance of people abandoning their appointment with someone else relying on you to turn up.
We also wanted an incentive, we decided on a reward for donating in the way of a 2 for 1 for local cafes, as a donation in return for promotion and association with charity, with your ticket for the 2 for 1 being a post on social media about your donation. However we also wanted to keep the incentive centered on saving a life and so created characters with stories, you receive a new character every donation and they come along the donation with you, bringing the incentive back to the lives saved.

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